Trouble Shooting

WARNING! The MacType's hooks are detected at 0x00007FF8E9D10000

Please add ConEmuC.exe and ConEmuC64.exe to the exclusion list to avoid crashes!

Simply add ConEmuC.exe and ConEmuC64.exe into exclude list of mactype then everything will be fine.


Add Alias

Open ${cmder}/config/user-aliases.cmd

Add an alias per line

Optional Parameters

Use $1-$9 as optional parameter in command:

unalias=alias /d $1

// unalias abc = alias /d abc

And use $* to accept all rest parameters:

ni=npm install $*
// ni --save-dev = npm install --save-dev

Shortcut to edit aliases

You can simply add a quick command to edit the alias config file:

alias=vsc D:\Tools_For_Efficiency\cmder\config\user-aliases.cmd

Note that you may need to restart the cmder to see the changes.